Project Decalogue is peaceful message for whole world based on moral truths contained within Ten Commandments.


Production of 10 musical pieces will be done by one producer and artists from all over the world, who choose one of Ten Commandments will create a piece of music with their main music producer.

This project is tribute by those artists for life of pope Saint John Paul II. We would like to have music and words from created pieces reflect his teaching which he left as a testament for his life.

All recording will be done durin one 28-day session in Gdansk, Poland in recording studio Custom34 from 1st to 28th of Februraru. During this time main producer Marcin Pospieszalski will be attending to all artists who will arrive. they will have Polish Choir, Polish Orchestra and other proffesional recording musicians at their dispossal. Also available to them would be room and board in hotel and at recording studio.

Those musicians who will not be able to be in Poland at that time, but still will want to participate in the project, will be able to use virtual studio prepared specially for this circumstances. Main producer will be watching their progress during that phase.

As a third way, if previous ones would not be possible, main producer can arrive at their selected studio in Europe and record music there.

After mastering and mix whole material, it will be published internationally by one of the leading music publishing companies.

All profit from selling thos erecords will be given to fundation selected by artist. In case such organization would not be selected, profits will be given to Caritas to be used for "Good deeds to the body carried out by Caritas" action.

Project final will be big concert with all participating artists during World Youth Days in Poland in 2016.

We would like to honor this work and its peaceful love message with pilgrimage on foot which will begin on World Youth Day on 31st of July 2016 at 15:00 from God's Mercy Sanctuary to Sinai Mountaint in Egipt. This honor will be taken by world fame journeyman.

All happenings will be archived and recorded on audio-video carriers.