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Marcin Pospieszalski

Dear friends!

I'm greatly honored to take care of the project “Decalogue" as a music producer. The project is dedicated to saint pope John Paul II who was the model of how to be the witness of Christ, he was also a person who shaped my faith and my generation's faith and, above all he was for us a real rock (Petrus) to the changing world.

I will never stop to praise Lord
who let me live in John Paul II times!

Suggestions for project workout

  • Musical pieces texts

  • Inspiration for texts should come primarly from Holy Bible (Book of Exodus 20, 2-17b; 5, 6-21, Catholic Church Catehism points 2052 and further), its commentary to each of commandments in Book of Psalms and New Testament. Such suggestions cotains i.e. "Bible of Jerusalem" and "Bible of Saint Pule" which were publish by Saint Paul Bortherhood.

    Every artists who would like to join project Decalogue should read and meditate over teaching of Sain John Paul II which were said during his pilgrimage to Poland in 1991, especially the one which is referencing his chosen commandment.

  • Music

  • Music should by created with ones heart and should present high artistic level. It should also be original, not copying standard elements of pop music. Refrains, if present, can be sang by chorus. It can also be enriched with motives coming from ethnical music of culture that creator comes from (i.e. african, latino). It would serve to point universalism of Decalogue.

    Final word regarding music should belong to person responsible for project music production to esure its artistic homogenity and guarantee of its artistic level.

    All above suggestions serve only to ensure that Decalogue would move heart of present lost men. Creators should not look to it for their personal glory, but have their thoughts directed to the One who is worthy of Glory and Worship. We should ask Holly Spirit for inspiration and guidance.

    Let Saint John Paul II intercede for us!

    You can take part in project as:

    As music producers watching over artistic and spiritual side of project we reserve ourselves the right to decide about final shape of your proposition and whole work

    Production beginig

    Available for artists
    Professional music studio CUSTOM34

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    Production beginig

    Income from record sales support
    Aid to the Church in Need activity in the world.

    Aid to the Church in Need

    Production of 10 music tracks will begin in February.

    Production will be based on musical thought of Martin Pospieszalski.
    It combines different musical styles and trends.

    Invited artists will be working live.
    Simply outline of the music concept.

    Available for artists

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