This is the Decalogue: the ten words. From these ten simple words depends on the future of man and societies, the future of the nation state, Europe and the world.

– John Paul II
Poland, Koszalin, 1 VI 1991

Tribute from world artists to John Paul II

John Paul II

The canonization of Pope John Paul II, strenghtens a deep desire for the preservation and transmission to future generations the Polish pope’s heritage. Thus it becomes an opportunity for the emergence of an international music project based on the words of John Paul II - particular attention will be paid to his speeches explaining the Ten Commandments during the fourth pilgrimage to Poland in 1991.

Decalogue Prologue
I'm The Lord Your God

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Honorary patronage

Stanislaw card. Dziwisz
Archbishop of Krakow

I am strongly persuaded that God's providence is watching over the creation of this project. It is being prepared under my patronage and will help to create a message for contemporary people based on the spiritual testament of St. Pope John Paul II.

I am personally delighted that this project arises from the needs of the hearts of many people of good will who want to preserve the great wealth of the teaching of John Paul II. As christians we are called to testify about God's Word and His truth in every aspect of our lives both public and personal. The truth is beautiful in itself as it releaves beauty of spiritual life.

I also hope that the Oratory will be performed during World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow in the presence of Pope Francis.
– Stanislaw card. Dziwisz Archbishop of Krakow
Poland, Krakow, 10 XII 2013